In 1985 Khartoum Center for Kidney Diseases was founded as joint project between the Department of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, U.of K. and Nimairi Society for Kidney Patients Care. Mr. / Izzaldeen Assayid and Mr. Ayas Al Ameen contributed to this building being affiliated to the center, as well as to the provision of an ambulance. As well, Khidir Al Shareef donated four blood dialysis machines, with the spare parts, together with a machine for protonic dialysis. The society has never ceased its donation to the Center, the first Directory General of which was Dr. / Umar Abboud, succeeded by the late Dr. / Salma Muhammad Sulaiman who died with a group of men and women in an unfortunate accident on the River Nile those who had the main credit in the progress of Khartoum Center for Kidney Dialysis which was later renamed as Salma Center for Kidney Dialysis and Implants.